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Washington Probate for Heirs & Beneficiaries ---


A. Introduction: This Section Focuses on Heirs' and Beneficiaries' Rights


B. Entitlement to Decedent's Property

  1. Am I Entitled to Any of Decedent's Property?

  2. Does My Being Decedent's Surviving Spouse or Child Automatically Entitle Me to Any of Decedent's Property?

  3. I Thought I Was Entitled to Receive Property from Decedent at Death, but Now Somebody (ie, His/Her Personal Representative, Bank, Insurance Company, Etc.) Is Telling Me I'm Not.  What Can I Do?

C. Rights of Decedent's Spouse or Child

  1. Do I, as Decedent's Surviving Spouse, Have Any Specific Rights?

  2. Do I, as a Child of Decedent, Have Any Specific Rights?

D. Rights to Notice & to Be Heard

  1. Do I Have the Right to Be Heard in a Probate Case?  The Notion of "Standing" & Who Is "Any Person Interested in the Estate?"

  2. Am I Entitled to Notice of Hearing on a Petition to Admit Decedent's Will to Probate or a Petition for Appointment of Personal Representative?  May I Object to Either Petition?

  3. Am I Entitled to Notice of Hearing on a Petition for Nonintervention Powers?  May I Object to that Petition?

  4. How Can I Keep Track of the Progress of Decedent's Probate Estate?  A Request for Special Notice.

E. Will Issues --- Contesting a Will

  1. Based on Lack of Formalities

  2. Based on Revocation

  3. Based on "Lack of a Testator"

  4. Filing a Will Contest

F. Objecting to the Appointment of a Personal Representative


G. Bond & the Inventory & Appraisement Issues


H. Obtaining Information about the Estate --- Status Report


I. Disqualification or Removal of a Personal Representative

  1. Disqualification of a Personal Representative

  2. Removal of a Personal Representative

  3. Procedure for Removing a Personal Representative

  4. Results of Disqualifying or Removing a Personal Representative

  5. Payment of Attorney's Fees Upon Petition for Removal

J. Objecting to the Declaration of Completion of Probate


K.  Personal Representative's & Attorney's Fees Issues


L.  Re-Opening the Estate


M. TEDRA Petitions


N. Summary: What Are My Primary Rights as an Heir or Beneficiary regarding the Administration of a Nonintervention Estate?


O. "Undoing" Joint Tenancy Rights of Survivorship After Death

P.  Determining Co-Owners' Interests in Property



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