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M. TEDRA Petitions



The Washington Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act ("TEDRA"), which became effective on January 1, 2000, significantly changed the statutory dispute resolution procedures for Washington trusts and estates.  RCW Chapter 11.96A  In most cases, TEDRA supplements but does not supercede existing procedures for the resolution of disputes in probate estates, such as those discussed above.  RCW 11.96A.080(2)  Consequently, if you have a dispute for which you are unable to find relief as described above, you should consider the possibility of filing what has come to be known as a "TEDRA Petition."  RCW 11.96A.100(1)


Typical Procedures Involved re a TEDRA Petition


Bottom-line:  If you are considering filing a TEDRA Petition, you should promptly seek the advice of legal counsel.



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